Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hunters Teaser

A while back I got a follow on Twitter from an upcoming indie horror movie known as Hunters.This actually happens from time to time as I always do my best to promote the indie scene, as I'm a fan and want to see more original artists getting their stuff out there instead of being spoon fed Hollywood bullshit like "The Priest" or Crap Helsing 2 or whatever you want to call it.

Hunters caught my attention with the following synopsis: Machetes, meat hooks, axes, guns, knives, campers, cops, killers, and lots of blood. That might not do much for you, but dammit that kind of talk gets me excited. Since originally finding out about it on Twitter, a teaser trailer has been released which you can check out for yourself below. Writer/Director Judson Scott also had this to say about the movie:

Hunters is a slasher film born out of my love for the horror genre. I love horror films so much that it's nearly impossible to express in words. There are a lot of people out there that share this same feeling, and Hunters is for those people. This is a film inspired by new horror just as much as the classics from the golden age of 80's slasher flicks - think "Inside" meet "Hatchet," built on a foundation of "Sleepaway Camp" and "The Burning." If you're familiar with these films, I hope that is enough to get you excited. For everyone else, just know that there will be an enormous body count with lots and lots of blood. There will be no reaction shots followed by a cut to a wall with blood spraying on it. None of that. You're going to see everything. We're going into this not expecting to get a "R" rating.
The absolute number one priority with Hunters is to give the fans something to be excited about. Horror is not dead. There are still great horror films being made and we are dedicated through and through to make sure Hunters will be another film to help progress the genre.
I'm keeping my eye on this one, hoping the end product is as good as the teaser looks. You can also follow along with all things Hunters on Twitter here or view the project's kickstarter page here.


Zombie said...

Looks pretty dang awesome to me!

Erica H said...

Thanks for this awesome post! I'm one of the producers on the film you can follow me @ericaharrell on twitter we are really needing the support of the horror community. :)