Monday, June 17, 2013

New Media Shelf

Everybody remembers the first media shelf I built, yes? Yeah well, that mug has been full for a while. Since filling it, I've been using other means of storage for the dvds and blurays that wouldn't fit on it. I'd been meaning to find the time to start on a new one, but free time isn't something I have a lot of.

Then one day, I was looking around for something on the web, and I came across a photo of a bookshelf that was shaped like a coffin. I knew what I had to do. We found a site that had the plans for the bookshelf, and then modified them until we got it fit for dvd storage. Friends, I give you my new media shelf...

Apologies for anyone stopping by who's seen it on the countless other places I've posted pics. I'm sure you're tired of looking at it, I'm just in love with it. This is the last time, promise. And just because, here's the old one today, all filled with goodies. Just look at that Living Dead Dolls Freddy that Binky got me. Isn't he the cutest?