Saturday, March 29, 2014

I don't allow myself to splurge very much. Most of my modest income goes toward providing the bare essentials for my two ungrateful, mooching children. That said, the allure of DC Direct's Batman Black and White statues is often too much for me to ignore, particularly when based on a design by an artist I like. Now, I've got probably close to 20 of them, and almost NO shelf room whatsoever left for new ones, however when I flipped through the new Previews at work Thursday and saw this...

well, the rest of this blog post pretty much writes itself then, doesn't it? The third statue in the series based on a Neal "God" Adams design, and it's the Zombie Batman design! This beauty is limited to 5,200 pieces, so if you want one for yourself, and of course you do, pre-ordering in the way to go. I've of course already got mine ordered. It will be a few months before it actually ships, and I have it here in the Batcave, but rest assured there will be more pics coming when it does. 

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