Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Art of Andrew Bones

There's a lot of great indie art out there. I have a great respect for artists who are doing what they love, creating truly unique, original pieces and making a living at it. I like to spotlight any work that I come across, both because I think it's cool and because I try and do whatever I can to support anybody who is doing stuff that I genuinely dig. I'm partial to the southeast, Atlanta in particular, mostly because that's where I'm located, but there's also been a bit of a boom when it comes to horror art in the area. The past couple of years, I've met several local people who's work I've been really impressed by, but today I'm going to spotlight my buddy Andrew Bones.

Mr. Bones (ha!), makes absolutely beautiful hand painted sculptures based on everything from superheroes to horror icons. While he mostly deals in magnets and wall hangings, he also offers masks, cell phone cases, statues, busts, and other assorted items. There's even an official Andrew Bones t-shirt. Personally, I'm the proud owner of several of his amazing magnets and the shirt, but I'm always adding to the collection, and I've got my eye on a couple of those skull wall mounts.

You can see several examples of his work below, and even more by following him on Instagram (@Bonesart13), visiting his Facebook page, and of course order some for yourself from his Etsy shop. This is quality work, well worth your money and support. Not only incredibly talented, but Andrew is a great dude, approachable and appreciative of his customers. He's been making the rounds at all the horror and comic cons in Georgia and surrounding areas. His next appearance will be at Days of the Dead Atlanta, in February. Make sure and stop by his table if you're there!

Also, if you're feeling eternally grateful for me having brought this amazing artwork to your attention, and want to reward me for it, I'll just take one of these, please and thank you...

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