Friday, May 29, 2009

Bitch is back....again...

You know how when some things happen, everything just feels right in the Universe? That's how I feel about Aliens and Predator comics being produced by Dark Horse again after way too long. This week marks the triumphant return of the xenomorphs we all know and love, as Aliens #1 is finally hits comic shops. Here's the synopsis from

A group of wildcat planetary prospectors plant their flag on a distant new world, rich in land, resources . . . and mystery. Within this seemingly uninhabited planet lies the greatest archaeological discovery in history, an ancient, abandoned complex of impossible proportions carved deep within the living rock, a mind-numbing labyrinth of passages, ramps, bridges, and galleries that seems to extend limitlessly. But as the exploration of the leviathan dead city proceeds deeper and deeper, the members of the team slowly begin to lose their grip on reality. But madness gives way to fear as the explorers begin to disappear one by one. Something else lives within the necropolis, a faceless horror as deadly and merciless as space itself, a lethal terror that has waited centuries to awake . . . and destroy.

At long last, Dark Horse Comics heralds the return of the heavyweight champion of modern science-fiction/horror, Aliens!

In other news, expect the return of "comic of the week" as soon as I get back to regularly updating, which should be within the next couple of weeks.

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