Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Since U Been Gone pt 3

This one will be much shorter since u haven't been gone quite as long this time...

I can't hear you Atlanta!!! That's right, I attended my what has sadly become annual concert. Twiztid last April, this April it was A Day to Remember with August Burns Red, Silverstein, and a couple other bands. AdtR were great as expected, but holy hell August Burns Red know how to put on a show. They killed it, I thought the floor of the Masquerade was gonna give way for a minute there. It didn't though, and despite ringing ears for a couple of days, I'm happy to report that my old ass sustained no injuries from all the moshing and such. And yes I got myold ass in the middle of a mosh pit again, forgot how much fun that was. I only have one pic of me from the show, but I feel like it appropriately expresses what a good time I was having......

Playoffs baby! Oh that's right, Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing, and your truly has both cable AND the Vs. channel. My Flyers were literally the LAST team to make it in, and the FIRST team to advance to round two! Oh, you want to know who they played in round 1? Just a little team you may know from the Jersey area, go by the name of "Devils"...yeah them. AH HAHAHAHA! Almost, and I mean *almost* better than when Auburn beats Alabama right there. Round two starts as soon as the Canadiens/Capitals series ends, and I'm pulling HARD for the Habs, do not want to play Ovie in round two.

Darth Vader says....LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!

1.2 Freddy's coming for you....and ME! In case you don't have access to tv, internet, billboards, cellphones, and everywhere else it's been promoted, there's a new Nightmare on Elm Street in theaters this Friday. While I teased a bit about it the other day with my "thoughts on remakes", I am really excited about this movie. I prefer scary Freddy to funny Freddy, and the first movie was definitely terrifying when I was a kid. Hoping this new one is in the same vein, and traumatizes a new generation of little freaks like me. I can't wait to torture my son with it the way Phil Phil did with us. What? It runs in the family.

And that's all folks! Work is going good, this past month I've learned two more jobs, soft test and RF, and believe me when I tell you, I am an RF'ing MACHINE. Warped Tour is right around the corner and I'll be attending that to see Alesana, iwrestledabearonce, Pierce the Veil, and Sum 41, along with about 600 other bands that I've never heard of. Should be fun! Be here tomorrow for a special "Bones went to a concert" edition of the Infinte Playlist!

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