Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Addams Family...Soska style?

I was never much of an Addams Family guy, I always preferred The Munsters. I've seen some of the episodes, and the movies though, and I liked them well enough. Yesterday I got an email from the Soska sisters that actually got me excited about the possibility of a new Addams Family movie. Turns out they're trying to convince Paramount, who owns the rights to all things Addams to give them a chance to write and direct a new entry in the franchise. They're also adamant that this will not be a remake or reimagining, just "a fresh new story with a Twisted Twins twist in the life and times of the Addams Family". Sounds good to me. You can read more details and find out what you can do to help by visiting and liking the official page on facebook here

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Anonymous said...

Hell yeah!! This will be the best take on The Addams family!!