Monday, June 20, 2011

Portal Kombat

Gotta love this mash-up of Mortak Kombat and Portal, featured this week only at Nowhere Bad! Lotta Portal shirts are making the rounds lately on daily tee sites, but so far I think this is my favorite. Side note, I mentoned last week that I hadn't gotten around to play Portal 2 yet because I was waiting for a price drop, well over the weekend Toys R Us ran a two for $50 sale on some recent stuff, and Portal 2 and LA Noire are on their way to the Batcave! Thanks Toys R Us! Anyway, dig this tee and worry not if you're undecided on it, as Nowhere Bad gives you a whole week to make up your mind.

1 comment:

Zombie said...

Love Portal, Love Mortal Kombat. Love this pic!