Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And the Award Goes To...

Yesterday I was given my very first blog award! I've been doing this for a while now, on my second version of Tales From the Batcave now, and I've seen plenty of awards come and go, but had never gotten one. That's finally changed thanks to my horror blogging buddy Maynard of Maynard Morrissey's Horror Movie Diary. This is quite an honor, and I owe a big thanks to Maynard. If you've never visited his Horror Movie Diary, I suggest you fix that. He reviews movies from every single end of the horror spectrum, including lots of obscure and indie films, and even some porn parodies. I've taken quite a few of his recommendations, and we usually end up seeing eye to eye.

The award I got was the Liebster Blog Award, which is German for "Dearest Blog". Don't think there's much I write about that could be considered dear to anybody, but I'll graciously accept the award nonetheless. Maynard, thanks again my friend, this is awesome.

The rules of the award state that I must pass it along to 5 other awesome blogs with less than 200 followers, so without further ado, here in no particular order are my 5 choices:

-The Gore Whore from Twistedcentral, movie news and reviews, and she's also one hell of a Words With Friends player.

-RobocopsSadSide from Back on line, Back on duty, very in depth horror movie reviews, this guy knows his stuff and loves lycanthropy. What's not to like!?

-Spooky Sean of Spooky Sean's Sinful Bloggery, horror movie, book, and comic reviews, as well as original stories straight from his twisted mind.

-Sean Thomas Fisher of Sean Thomas Fisher's Blogwash, he doesn't have a "followers" list anywhere, so I'm not entirely sure he has less than 200, but I am sure that he deserves way more than that. Blogwash is one of the most entertaining blogs I read, horror injected with a heavy dose of humor, I look forward to every new post.

-Mister Binky of Disparate Elements, yep I refuse to let it go. He's currently one of GameShark's most prominent video game writers, but once upon a time he was just a regular old blogger like the rest of us, who wrote about pretty much everything, from games and music, to what went on in his kitchen. Hell, he even made science interesting to me, which is no easy feat. He also happens to be one hell of a guy and a good friend of mine. I still hold out hope that he'll one day find the time to get Disparate Elements back up and running, and until then it will always have a spot at the bottom of my blogroll.

So there's five! Congrats to all the winners, even the ones who don't stop by here and will never know that I gave it to them.

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Maynard Morrissey said...

Hey Mr. Bones, thanxalot for the link!