Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silver Age Horrors!

Ah, the Silver Age of comics... A simpler time, when even horror in comics was so innocent and lighthearted, you just can't help but smile. For today, I thought I'd post a few of my favorite Silver Age DC superhero "creature features" from my collection. The pics are some I found online, as it would take too much time to dig these out of my stash, but rest assured I own all of these, and love them dearly.

I gotta tell ya, they're not really very popular at all, but damn if those Jimmy Olsen comics aren't a hell of a lot of fun. I always look for them at conventions. They're usually cheap, not all that hard to find, and I adore them. That dude got himself into some serious shit back in the day, hah. 

Hope you enjoyed these throwbacks to a more innocent era in comics. While it's not the first medium that comes to mind when one thinks of horror story telling, there has always been a big presence in the comic book world. Any horror fan who shuns comic books is seriously missing out on some of the best examples of the genre available.


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