Saturday, March 16, 2013

Movie Night - The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Silence

As per tradition, it's time for my birthday movie/Chinese food celebration with my bestie, Linde. Of course we're a month late, but work/travel/etc. have forced our hands this year. One of the many, many things she and I have in common is a love for the Silent Hill frachise, be it film, video game, or literature. Up until today, I've had the bluray of Silent Hill Revelation sitting on my shelf calling out to me, desperate to be viewed time and time again, but I've somehow managed to resist. After missing it in theaters, I wanted to watch it for the first time as a part of my birthday movie night double feature celebration. Tonight I intend to do just that!

I know a lot of people didn't care for this adaptation of the video games, but I think it's pretty much perfect. Or at least as good of a film version of Silent Hill as we're likely to ever get. Most of the imagery is spot-on, the creatures look great, and even with the slightly hokey dialogue and convoluted plot, it feels exactly like watching a live action Silent Hill game play out. I think it was a good move on the creators part to not attempt to tell the exact same story, as part of what makes the Silent Hill games so great is getting to see different characters, and their experiences inside the Hell that is the town itself. There's always something that connects each story to what's come before, but they can also be enjoyed and exist completely on their own. It's been a year or so since I've seen this one, looking forward to revisiting.

Immediately following, I'm finally going to break out my Revelation bluray! Oh the excitement, oh the anticipation... I can't wait. I've stayed away for the most part from reviews and what not. I've seen a trailer or two, and seen some scores, most of which were average at best, but I have every confidence that I'm going to enjoy this movie more than most people did, just based on my love of the source material. Silent Hill is my favorite video game franchise, after all. I'm hoping I have time tomorrow to post my thoughts on the movie, stay tuned!

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J. Astro said...

I hit this one up a few days/bout a week ago and would be interested to hear what ya thought about it, m'man.