Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It's common knowledge that I'm a pretty big fan of all things Twisted Twins. I've been in love with their work since Dead Hooker in a Trunk. I love the twins not only for their work though, but how gracious they are to their fans, and how well they treat us. I absolutely could  not believe it when they stopped by here upon my first mentioning Dead Hooker, which I knew absolutely nothing about, save for I thought the title was badass and I was dying to see it based on that alone. Not only did they comment on the post, but they offered to send me a copy of the film, which was making the rounds at festivals back then. I never get screeners, so not only was I stoked that I got offered one, but I was pretty excited that the director(s) had stopped by here and seen my post.

Since then, I've done as much as possible to promote, write about, share, etc. any and everything Soska. The twins have always been good to me, and for celebrities to not only acknowledge a bottom of the barrel little horror blog like this, but to even go so far as to give a shout out or two for the site, friend me on facebook and actually interact, well, it's just awesome to me.

Fast forward to when American Mary finally hit dvd and bluray, the Soska's offered to sign and return for free any fan interested in sending them the insert from their copy. I of course jumped at the chance, as I've sadly not had a chance to meet them in person yet. It's also worth mentioning that they did this at the same time they were working on their next flick, but more on that later. So yesterday when I got home from work, I found waiting for me in my mailbox a large envelope, with not only my returned American Mary insert, but the following...

To say the least, this made my day. Their insistence that Deadpool could kick Batman's ass notwithstanding, this was an absolutely amazing early Halloween treat. Even if I wasn't a fan for life based on their films alone, I'd love them forever just based on how awesome they are to fans. Can't say enough about how much I appreciate this, and love them all. 

Above I mentioned the twins are already hard at work on their next movie, a sequel to the 2006 slasher See No Evil, which you may remember starred WWE superstar Kane as the villain. Well, Kane is back for another round, this time with some pretty serious horror cred in not only the Soska's but Katharine Isabelle and Danielle Harris as well. Whether the first was your cup of tea or not, trust me, this sequel is going to be amazing. Be sure and like the See No Evil 2 facebook page, and follow the film on twitter if you're a tweeter.

As for the Twisted Twins, make sure you like their official facebook page if you haven't already, and join the Twisted Twins Army on twitter. As you can see, nobody is better to their fans. 

Hugest possible thanks for all the love ladies, it means a lot to me. 

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