Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 so far - February

This one's going to be short and sweet, as I didn't watch a lot of new stuff in February for whatever reason. That's not to say it wasn't a quality month though, in fact I watched two of my favorites on the year so far in February.

John Wick 2

Confession time, I didn't love John Wick. I thought it was ok, had some pretty sweet gunfights and all, but was lacking in both the plot department, and especially the ending department. There were ideas I thought were interesting, like him being involved in this larger group of assassins, but the movie only briefly touched on any of that stuff. No, we had to watch him cut a swath through a small army and then barely survive a knife fight with a senior citizen, all because somebody killed his dog. Still, I thought part 2 looked better, so I gave it a watch. This one fixes almost every problem I had with the first one, getting more into the backstory of the character and putting him into a much more interesting story, while at the same time keeping the things from the original that I did like, the violence and gun play. Looking forward to part 3.

The Lego Batman Movie

My second favorite comic book movie of the year. Not a whole lot to say about it, other than it's fantastic. I thought the Lego Movie was pretty good, but Lego Batman completely takes the crown when it comes to the series. It is smartly written, superbly voice acted, and honestly one of the most laugh out loud funny movies I have ever seen. The back and forth between Batman and Robin is absolutely hilarious. Definitely see this one if you haven't. We also talked about it on Werewolves, along with our Top 5 Batman movies all-time. Check that episode out if that sounds interesting to you.

I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Oh boy, this movie. As of this writing, this is my second favorite movie of the year, and could easily be described as a tie for first. I'm a huge fan of Macon Blair, have been since Murder Party and Blue Ruin. "Home" is both written and directed by him, and that's where all my interest for it came from. It's honestly best to go into this one knowing as little about it as possible, but I'll do a very brief synopsis. Ruth (Melanie Lynsky) returns home from her job at the hospital to find that she's been robbed. In particular, her anxiety medicine, her grandmother's silver, and her laptop are taken. She goes over to talk with her eccentric neighbor Tony (Elijah Wood) to ask if he may have seen anything. Eventually she learns the whereabouts of the laptop, and the two of them go to retrieve it. From here, the movie goes batshit crazy, in the most wonderful way. This movie is simply fantastic. For a crime/thriller/comedy, it's the genre at it's absolute best. Elijah Wood absolutely steals the movie as Tony, and I challenge anybody not to laugh at the morning star and shuriken scenes. You can watch it right now on Netflix,and I highly recommend doing so.

This trilogy of awesome brings February to a close. I did see a couple of other things, in fact some of my least favorites on the year. I'm looking at YOU Life and Edge of Seventeen. March is up next, and it was jam packed with goodness. It will most definitely not be as short as this one.

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