Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Comic of the Week 8/12

Another Wednesday, another week of good comics, and there be Blackest Night abound! Blackest Night #2, Blackes Night Batman #1, and Green Lantern Corps #39 all ship. I'm sticking with Deadpool after enjoying his showdown with Bullseye, though this issue will likely make or break it for me. A double dose of Batman reborn as Red Robin #3 ships as well as Batman #689 featuring the "meh"-tastic art of Mark Bagley! Fine comics, to be sure, but only one can be the comic of the week, and this week that comic features my favorite character not named "Batman".

Comic of the Week

Wahey! Looky what's finally back! A new issue of Hellboy: Wild Hunt is finally here. Yeah i know after #'s 1-4 barely managed to ship on time, Dark Horse proclaimed that a break in between 4 and 5 was planned all along. Mmm hmm, sure. Whatever. At least it's back now, and we can finally get the second half of the story (which is a good one, btw). It's so good in fact that I'm proclaiming it my pick of the week. There's not really much I can tell you about what's been going on that the solicit doesn't, so here ya go:

"Hellboy and Alice have prevailed against a vicious ambush, but they haven't come out unscathed. After she is struck by a poisonous arrow, Alice’s life hangs by a thread, and Hellboy’s only hope of saving her rests inside a castle under assault by a horde of demons. To get to the castle, and the mysterious sorceress inside, Hellboy has to punch through her castle's fiercest assailant—a demonic commander of the legions of Hell who guards the entrance to her stronghold!"

Honorable mentions this week go to Blackest Night #2 because I can't wait to see how Johns tops the slaughter of the Hawks at the end of #1, Walking Dead #64 because I want to see if Dale is going to be eaten by the cannibal hunters, and of course, Wednesday Comics #6. For shame if you didn't read my WC write-up!

The Pull List
  • Amazing Spider-man #602
  • Batman #689
  • Blackest Night #2
  • Blackest Night Batman #1
  • BPRD 1947 #2
  • Deadpool #13
  • Gotham City Sirens #1 2nd printing
  • Green Lantern Corps #39
  • Hellboy: Wild Hunt #5
  • Red Robin #3
  • Walking Dead #64
  • Wednesday Comics #6

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