Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Comic of the Week 9/10

Ok so I left you hanging last week and I know you were disappointed. Truth is the comic I was most looking forward to actually ended up being the one I most enjoyed for a change! And it was a Marvel book, I'm ashamed to admit. Honestly though, what Jason Aaron is doing in Ghost Rider really shouldn't be missed, it's legendary. Seriously, what do we gotta do to get that guy on a Bat-book?

That was last week though, and this is this week, so on to the new stuff! This is one of those weeks where there are some solid contenders as I'm tempted by a double dose of zombie from the big two, new Blackest Night Batman and Marvel Zombies come close, but there's new Hellboy out there, and Hellboy reigns supreme.

Comic of the Week

Hellboy: Wild Hunt #6 should be waiting patiently in the pull box of everyone intelligent enough to recognize comic book perfection when they see it. I've gone on and on about this series before, so I won't bore you with a re-tread, but I will say that I enjoyed the Monster Men back-up last issue and I'm looking forward to more of that this time around. Solicit say this:

"With the Queen of Blood's legion of followers growing ever larger, it's clear that Hellboy needs to find some powerful allies of his own if he's to have any hope of saving humankind. As luck would have it, it seems one has found him. But this mysterious benefactor,an ancient sorceress of legendary power and ambition, has an agenda of her own...on behalf of Hellboy's ancestors! This issue also includes the action-packed conclusion of Gary Gianni's two-part return to The MonsterMen!"

Honorable mention nods to the aforementioned Blackest Night Batman #2 and Marvel Zombies Return #2, and the not aforementioned but still ass kicking Wednesday Comics #10.

The Pull List
  • Amazing Spider-man #604
  • Blackest Night Batman #2
  • BPRD 1947 #3
  • Dead Space Extraction One Shot
  • Elephantmen #21
  • Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #3
  • Green Lantern Corps #40
  • Hellboy: Wild Hunt #6
  • Marvel Zombies Return #2
  • Red Robin #4
  • Wednesday Comics #10

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