Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best There is...

You guys remember the last time a comic starring "the best there is at what he does" himself, Mr. Wolverine, was actually good? Me neither! The last thing I remember enjoying was Greg Rucka's run back when Wolverine only had 1 ongoing (*gasp*) and it went through a relaunch, getting a new #1.

To say that Wolverine is a bit over-used in the Marvel Universe is the most monumental understatement one can make when referencing comics today. In fact it's gotten to the point that I believe the only two books left in the world that he doesn't appear in are the phone book and the bible.

All that being said, I thought it important to note that despite my pull list dwindling recently, Wolverine did manage to keep himself on there with one of his 3 current ongoing series', Weapon X. This of course has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I love the character, or that it's important to anything else I read, no friends, I read this comic book simply because Jason Aaron is a God amongst comic book writers and I worship anything he writes.

Weapon X is the newest of the Wolverine titles, with only 11 issues in so far, but believe me when I tell you that in those 11 issues, more interesting and awesome things have happened than have happened in the entirety of the Marvel U in the last 5 years. Highlights include Wolverine fighting an elite group of assassins that have laser claws like his and guns that shoot bullets that are filled with 37 different kinds of cancer, Wolverine being brainwashed by Dr. Hurt, who was using him to murder people so that he could collect their brains and use them to build a bomb, yes a bomb, made out of human brains, and of course the image above, Oh the glorious image above....

I'm going on record as saying that the current arc, which is only one issue in so far, is going to be the greatest Wolverine story since Warren Ellis' "Not Dead Yet", and coming from me that's some high praise indeed. This story is about somebody sending an army of Deathloks back from the future to kill Captain America, who himself has just returned from the "dead" courtesy of Ed Brubaker. Unfortunately for Wolverine, he's caught in the middle of things as the first Deathlok attacks Cap while he and Wolverine are bar hopping the globe in celebration of Cap's return.

Get that? It's kinda like the first Terminator movie, only an army of Deathlok's are the Terminator, Captain freakin' America is Sarah Connor, and Wolverine is Kyle Reese. How the hell could anybody not want to read this?

Anybody who has asked me about comics lately has full knowledge of my massive man-crush on Aaron. He just finished up the most interesting Ghost Rider run I've ever read with the mini "Heaven's On Fire", which the tag line alone (Save the Anti-Christ, save the world) demanded I purchase, he's bringing Punisher Max back to the glory days of polar bear pnnching style of Garth Ennis, and he's writing what I'm told is the cream of the current Vertigo crop, Scalped, about an FBI agent going undercover in an illegal Indian casino. Rest assured I'm getting caught up on Scalped soon through trade.

The thing about Aaron's comics that seems to be missing from so many others right now is what makes him such a great writer, they're FUN to read. Even amidst all the "Dark" bullshit Marvel is shoveling out right now in seemingly every comic they publish, Aaron's comics seem to exist off on their own little corner of the Universe. The Jason Aaronverse, a magical place where comics are fun and Wolverine can be awesome.

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