Friday, March 19, 2010

Since U Been Gone pt. 2

Part two on my catching you up on all things Bones is all about gaming! My new job being an evening shift job gives me my whole day to do as I please, and as the weather here in the wonderful state of Alabama has chosen to closely mimic that of Seattle of late, coupled with the fact that daytime television sucks, I've had ample time to game.

Borderlands! Can't say enough good things about this game, the marriage of an FPS and RPG has produced an offspring that is an absolute wealth of entertainment. I've literally spent hours at a time doing "just one more quest", once you get started on this one it's hard to stop. I'm also a big fan of post-apocalyptic locales, and of course the cel-shaded look is just comic booky enough for me to love. I had at one point gotten every achievement in the game, and was still playing. Finished up the greatest DLC of all time, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, skipped Mad Moxxi's Underdome, and I'm currently working on The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and leveling my solider up to 61. Anybody want to give me a hand with any of this, or Mad Moxxi's when I get around to buying it, let me know. OH, and be very, very quiet....I'm hunting Loot Midgets....

Ghostbusters! Wow, this game SUCKS. It is seriously awful. I don't like the controls, I don't like the story, I don't like that it's single player only and the AI characters drop like panties on prom night, forcing you to spend most of your time helping them up, only to see yourself knocked down and watching as the AI is once again taken down, forcing you to re-start at a checkpoint you got to 30 minutes ago. I played it long enough to kill the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, which was level 2 I think, and I haven't played it since. Luckily I got it used from Gamefly for less than $10.

Bioshock 2! If you liked the first one, you'll like this one. That's the overall feeling I got from Bioshock 2. It was once again a great game, though it was over way too quickly. The Big Sister was awesome, though handled differently in the final game than I'd originally read (I thought there was just one, and you had to fight her off throughout the whole game). I'm currently on my second playthrough, working on a couple of trophies I missed out on. Good stuff here, but the multiplayer is completely forgettable, as predicted by yours truly.

Heavy Rain! This game absolutely blew me away. I was alreadly looking forward to it after reading articles and previews for it, then the demo dropped and my excitement went through the roof. Once I finally got my hands on it, this game had me wrapped around it's little controller and I couldn't put it down. I made finding and capturing the Origami Killer my one and only purpose in life, so much so that there were days that I seriously thought about calling out of work to keep playing (came the closest on the day that I discovered who the killer was about 5 minutes before time to leave). I would absolutely love to see more games in this vein, sure shooters and survival horror will always be my genres of choice, but I like different as well, and Heavy Rain was certainly that. Finished my first playthrough with around 60% of the trophies, and have gone back and replayed several chapters differently not only for trophies, but to see how the scenes could've played out differently. Amazing game here.

Modern Warfare 2! I gotta admit, my interest in this one was luke-warm at best, as evident by how long it took me to bother grabbing it, but once I did this game absolutely floored me. As far as military shooters go, the campaign on MW2 is the cream of the crop. How many games throw you into the role of "member of x squad stuck in x counrty fighting against militants"? Most of them, right? Well not this one, here you're thrown right smack dab in the heart of the USA, experiencing intense firefights at Burger King and Taco Bell! It's like Red Dawn the game, and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. Spec Ops ended up being quite a bit of fun too, as I love me some co-op and it was designed for two players only and I have way more luck finding one other person to play with than i do 3. The other multiplayer I also spent some time with, and while fun, was nothing I hadn't seen before so I lost interest fairly quickly.

God of War III! I'm currently working my way through the third and final (yeah ok whatever) game in Kratos' quest for vengeance against Zeus and the Gods of Olympus. I'm not too terribly far into it being that it just came out Tuesday, but what I have played has been EPIC. That seems to be the term for this game when most people talk about it, and so far I'm in agreement. I do have a minor gripe, which has caused me to go "tourettes" on it a couple times already, and that's the controls. Same old thing if you've played GoW before, while the controls for combat are tight and work just fine, there are times when the platforming levels are a pain in the ass due to non-responsive button presses. I've died probably 30 times in the damn game so far, and only maybe 10 of those were from enemies or bosses, the other 20 or so were from falling from ledges because the double-jump failed to happen, or Kratos refused to spread his wings. I'm grinding through it though, the game is just too good not to play.

And I guess that about wraps that up. I still need to pick up Battlefield Bad Company 2, and I have mild interest in Final Fantasy XIII for some reason, along with DarkSiders. Not sure what I'll be playing next though.

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