Monday, June 21, 2010

DC Dynamics Batman Statue

Ok so after a LONG wait (though not as long as Gentle Giant made me wait for Master Chief), DC Direct finally shipped the DC Dynamics Batman statue I ordered way back in October of last year. Unfortunately I haven't unpacked my camera yet, and don't plan on doing so as I hope to be moving yet again very soon, but I took a few pics with my Blackberry so I could throw them up here in the Batcave.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with it. It looks like a bit of a mixture between the comic book and movie versions of Batman, with the cowl being from the latter. The detail is nice, although I think a better job could've been done on the paint job on his face and eyes.

He sports a bit of a hefty price tag, and honestly I can't really recommend paying the full $200 for him, but if you can get him cheaper definitely go for it. I didn't pay anywhere near retail for mine of course, again a perk of working at a comic store....

The DC Universe Villains Joker bust and Frank Quitely Batman Black and White statue from the link above also came in, so I should be back fairly soon with even more "Wonderful Toys" posts for your viewing pleasure. Until then...

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