Saturday, September 25, 2010

Missing In ACTION

So I know I said I was back, and I know I've only updated twice since then...but it's not my fault guys. There's this helmet in Halo Reach called Haunted, and it looks like this:

Which I'm sure you're thinking is absolutely perfect for someone with a gamertag like..oh, I don't know..."Lil Bones" or something. Well friend, I wholeheartedly agree. Only problem with that being, I currently look like this:

Sure, I look badass. I've always loved the CQB helmet, because it reminds me of Cobra Vipers from GI Joe. In fact it's the one I used for most of my Halo 3 career, and in Reach it's looking better than ever. But Haunted has a skull face, and I simply can't live without it.

So, all that being said, that's where I've been spending all of my free time. In order to unlock the Haunted variant, I must first purchase all other base helmets in the game, and some of them are expensive in both credits, AND requirements that must be met before a purchase option is available. Couple those thing with the fact that my Halo skills are average at best, and you start to get the idea.

Unfortunately for the blog, there's a lot more Halo Reach in my immediate future, but I'm sure I will be finding time to update with my usual randomness. I watched The Last Exorcism this week, and holy hell do I have some bad things to say about it. I've also got viewings of several other things lined up, including the dtv sequel to 30 Days of Night, and Machete. Also anticipating the arrival of the sequel to the greatest Xbox 360 game of all time, Dead Rising, on Tuesday. So lots to talk about coming up, bear with me!

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Drake Sigar said...

It's like it was made for you personally.