Thursday, February 17, 2011

Appetite for Eternia

Yesterday TeeFury printed the following just for me on my birthday:

Masters of the Universe and Guns N Roses?! Thanks TeeFury! But seriously, Orko? Why Orko? What about Beast Man or Merman? Man-E-Faces? Hordak? Hell I even would've preferred Skunk-or or Moss Man to that annoying pain in the ass Orko.


Drunketh said...

I thought about buying this one... twice actually. But I didn't. If it had all villian faces on it, I would have.

J. Astro said...

Agreed with Drunketh, all villain faces would have been cooler. But still - AWESOME.

Mister Bones said...

Yeah I probably would've liked all villain faces better too, but at least He-Man and Man-at-Arms have skull faces so it works.

My only gripe is with the inclusion of Orko, which given some of the other characters from Masters of the Universe that aren't there, should be considered a criminal act.