Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Twisted Twins Massive Blood Drive PSA

February has a lot of things going for it, Valentine's, my dad's birthday, my son's birthday, and probably most importantly, MY birthday. But it's also Women in Horror Month, and the internets are a buzz in celebration of women and all their contributions to the greatest genre known to man, or wo-man as it were.

It's damn near impossible to talk about women in horror these days and not immediately mention Jen and Sylvia Soska, the Twisted Twins. I'm still waiting to see their debut film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, but while I patiently wait, I'm following them and any and all announcements about their follow-up "American Mary" which I blogged about back in December. A HUGE announcement was made yesterday btw, with the reveal of the actress who will be playing Mary, and let's just say if you know me at all, then you definitely know how excited I am about who it is. Find out for yourself by watching the video below.

But the Twins don't just direct kick-ass horror films, they encourage us all to actually go out and do some good by donating blood for their annual Massive Blood Drive. I really dig this idea, and will proudly be participating later this week. I've been donating my Type O+ blood every 8 weeks for the last 10 years or so, kinda easy for me since the Blood Mobile actually comes to my job, so all I have to do is walk outside. But it's a really great thing to do, and there's a national shortage of every blood type out there right now. In fact, I strongly urge anyone with the same type as myself to get out there and give, as Type O+ is nearing emergency low status.

You can read more about the Twins, celebrate Women in Horror, and get info on this year's Massive Blood Drive by visiting their blog, Penny Dreadful, here, or visit the official Twisted Twins Productions website. Tell em Mister Bones sent ya!

Bonus pic! Here's my absolute favorite future "Woman in Horror", Miss Caitlin wearing  daddy's "Dream Warriors" shirt and Freddy glove...


Lissa Lycan said...

She's so cute! I miss "Candy"..

Angel1649 said...

I'm actively searching for a blood mobile as we speak. As soon as I spot it, I'm going to be a pint low myself ;) You could totally be a dear and let me know where it is (since you have the inside hook up) and I can go ahead and donate for the sake of WIH!