Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie Night - Valentine's Day Massacre

Today is not my most favorite day by any stretch of the imagination. No need to go off on a rant about this stupid excuse for a "holiday", let's just say I don't celebrate it, and leave it at that, mkay? In honor of this non-occasion, tonight I'll be doing a little rape revenge mini-marathon. This is the one "sub genre" that I truly find difficult to watch, with torture running a close second. Don't know exactly why I find rape scenes so disturbing, but I do. I mean, they're supposed to be disturbing, I get that, but they REALLY bother me. Some in the past even to the point that I've felt sick afterward. What better way to spend Valentine's Day then?

First, I'm jumping in the way back machine and revisiting a movie that I haven't seen in close to 20 years, and had absolutely no plans to ever watch again, the original I Spit on Your Grave. I just recently put myself through watching the remake, which was ok I guess, but didn't seem to bother me anywhere near as bad as this one did. I don't know if that's because I was 12 or 13 when I watched it or what, but his one has stuck with me forever, and I honestly do not look forward to rewatching some of it.

Next I'm going to reverse things, and instead of the original, I'm finally gonna  watch the remake of Last House on the Left. Wes Craven's original is one of those movies I was referring to when I said that some left me feeling sick. That damn movie is absolutely fucking twisted, and being that it hasn't been all that long since I last watched it, I'm gonna give this new one a shot. The trailer didn't look all that great to me, and the reviews weren't very good either, but maybe it will surprise me. I also understand there's a fairly ridiculous scene involving a guy's head and a microwave, and I'll stick around at least for that if nothing else.

And finally, time permitting, I will throw in my copy of Irreversible and wonder why I do this to myself, just like I did the first time I watched it. If you're not familiar with this movie, or why no human being should ever desire to watch it, I'll let google or wiki fill you in. This one is actually not a bad flick, other than the scene you probably just read about. That part is absolutely stomach turning, but the rest is pretty good. I've seen it once, and in all honesty that's probably plenty, but it's Valentine's Day, so what the hell.

That should make for one epically disturbing evening, no? I wonder why these films almost always have women as the victims who return to exact their brutal revenge? Are there any films out there that feature men who fall victim to a horny bunch of backwoods women, and eventually return to savagely murder them for their transgression? If not, there should be, and no, porn does not count. Happy VD folks!


hrimcealde said...

i'm...incredibly disturbed.

Mister Bones said...

And you didn't even WATCH the movies. Imagine how I felt.

Mister Bones said...

By the way, if this disturbs you...dont even ASK about my Xmas.