Saturday, September 24, 2011

DVD Shelf Project Complete!

I suppose at some point or another every movie blogger eventually will do a post showing off their movie collection. Mine is still a work in progress, as being married with kids kept me from buying a lot of movies for years. Since regaining my independence though, I've done quite a bit of catching up, thanks largely to my local Hastings in Auburn, and their wonderful buy 2 get 1 for $1, and occasional buy 1 get 1 for $1 sales on used dvds and bluray. So my collection has seen a pretty healthy growth spurt over the last couple of years, however this posed a new problem, where the hell I was going to put all these dvds.

I've been in my house for just a little over a year now, and while the single dad life may allow me the occasional dvd or three, it certainly doesn't allow for the purchase of lots of furniture and the like. I'm getting there though. Over the summer, my dad and I have been working on a couple of projects, a new entertainment center for my living room and a dvd shelf for all of my babies. My dad is a carpenter/cabinet maker, and I've been working with him since I was 13 years old, so I've managed to pick up a little bit here and there. I found pictures of what I was looking for online, and asked him to help me build them. Being that I live about 30 minutes away from my home town now, basically I've only been able to work on them on the weekends, so it's been a slow go.

The entertainment center has been done and moved in my house for about a month now, and yesterday I finally got the dvd shelf here and set up. Being as I'm pretty proud of it, and it's pretty special to me because I worked on it with my dad, I wanted to post some pics here in the Batcave. As you can see from the pics, it's nearly full already, but worry not, I have lots of ideas and even more free time on the weekends being that I have no life to speak of, so another dvd shelf will probably be on the workbench in the next few weeks.


RobocopsSadSide said...

Nice, man!

Angel1649 said...

It looks amazing. I'm still shocked you built it yourself though.

Lissa Lycan said...

Looks great, baby. Now.. build me one!