Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Night Drive-In

When I talk about the "new" classics, I don't necessarily mean new movies that I've seen that are so good that they immediately achieve a status worthy of the title of "classic". In some instances yes that is the case, however in others it simply means I watch a movie that I may or may not have seen before, but the circumstances surrounding that particular viewing are such that the movie becomes a classic based on the situation. For instance, the last time I saw The Boneyard was Memorial Day weekend 2009, in an apartment full of friends on my 72" television, which speculation has it is in fact the largest screen this movie has ever played on. The alcohol flowed freely, we grilled burgers, dogs, steaks, and whatever else people brought, and we laughed our asses off for the entire 93 minutes. I had seen the movie before, but never quite like that.

The movie itself is full of entertainment value, though the plot is nothing to write home about. Two cops attempt to bring an aging psychic out of retirement to assist their investigation into a bunch of homicides. Turns out three weird zombie kid things are wreaking havoc in a local mortuary and she's the only one who can help. Well, her and Phyllis Diller as it turns out. The movie is absolutely hilarious, worth sticking it out just for the Were-poodle at the end! And my God if Gordon isn't one of the greatest characters in movie history. Note the dialog immediately following the news that Gordon had just emptied an entire clip into the chest of one of the creatures...

"Fetch THIS!"


J. Astro said...

Love this one. The little Asian ghouls actually creep me the fuck out. And Phyllis Diller is hysterical.

Lissa Lycan said...

Glad you posted this, it made me laugh.