Sunday, September 4, 2011


Came across this while looking at the Avatar Press section in this month's Previews, a new comic from Garth Ennis. I'm a fan of his writing, even though at times it can be a little too much for me, especially his stuff from Avatar being that they're an indipendent company and basically let creators do whatever they want. Turns out Garth Ennis is one sick bastard, and if you don't believe me, you've never read Crossed.  Still, I enjoyed some of his other work, Preacher, his war comics are excellent, and of course my favorite, his Punisher run, Welcome Back Frank.

The cover art for Stitched caught my eye, so I read the solicit and decided to pre-order the book and check it out. I was also suprised to find out that the comic is based on a short film that Garth directed, and the dvd was also available for pre-order. This is his first time directing, and while the trailer I found online admittedly looks like your typical Saturday night SyFy Original fare, I'm still curious enough to want to see it. It may be awful, but knowing Ennis, it will also likely be pretty gory and have some dark humor thrown in. The dvd will also have some behind the scenes stuff on the making of Stitched, and the feature I'm most excited about, and hour long interview with Garth, chronicling his career in comics. I've never actually heard him speak before, so I'm looking forward to watching the interview.

Dig the trailer below, and read more about how to get your own copy of both the Stitched comics and dvd at the Avatar Press official site here.

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