Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bonus Round!

The newest design from NinjaInk has me once again cursing my boycott of TeeFury. I may not have any respect for the site, but that doesn't mean I don't dig the hell out of the art on the shirt they're printing today. It's funny, this got printed today, and I'm currently in the middle of a rekindled love affair with Street Fighter III. Coincidence? Probably so. Definitely so. Still, uncanny timing on the print. Hadouken!!!

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Erik (Drunketh) said...

I always played as Ken for the most part of my SF2 Arcade days. I kicked ass so hard that people threatened my safety... people twice my age! I was twelve years old kicking the shit out of these nineteen year olds in front of their idiot girlfriends and these guys would get so pissed off and start getting in my face. It was like, dude, what the fuck? I'd be like "Pretty impressive. Stick with this guy lady he's a real keeper."