Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peyton or Pamela?

A good friend of mine sent me this picture of her daughter yesterday and I asked if it would be ok to share it. This is Peyton, one of the most adorable little girls on the planet, she's incredibly smart for her age, and clearly has great taste in toys. She also calls me "Biscuit", which I'm totally cool with, and honestly wish a few more of you would start doing. The reason I wanted to post this pic though, aside from the fact that she's playing with a Jason Voorhees doll action figure, is that she's doing it while wearing a knit turtleneck sweater! Just like Pamela, Jason's dear old mother wore. It was the first thing I noticed when I got the picture yesterday. Just epic beyond description.

Way to go, P! You made it into Biscuit's Batcave! Keep playing with that Jason doll action figure.

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