Saturday, February 25, 2012

Impostors Life

Gotham City Impostors arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I have found myself hopelessly caught in it's web of awesome. I can't resist this game. I think about it at work, I play it as soon as I get home, I wake up early to play it, it owns me. Those of you who game with me know that this is rare, especially for a game that forces me to play with the public. But this game is so good, even getting cursed out by 11 year olds doesn't infuriate me the way it does in lesser games like the Halos and Call of Duties of the world. That's right, Gotham City Impostors is better than Call of Duty, I said it. Although I may be a little biased. This post is just going to be a random assortment of CGI related goodness. No real point here, other than to show off a little of my latest game-related obsession. 

This first video is the official trailer. No gameplay shown here, but it give you a good idea as to what the game is about and the sense of humor it employs.

Next videos are little animated shorts that DC did for the game. Again, no gameplay but these are a fun watch. I would love to see more, or even an animated feature at some point. You listening DC?

Finally a look at some gameplay as well as a bit of the intro portion of the game that shows you the ropes on how to play, and how each of the different type of gadgets work. I'm partial to the grappling hook myself.

This last video is a look at the FREE downloadable content that was released yesterday. As you can see, a new map, as well as new weapons and new stuff to outfit your character with. The customization is one of the coolest part of this game, and believe me when I tell you I am ALL over the ninja gear.

And finally a little sketch I did last week while I was looking around for images from the game online. I love the little cartoons that pop up during the loading screens and whatnot. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of pics of them online, mostly just this little guy. Don't judge too much, this literally took me about 10 minutes. But anyway, here he is...

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The Artist Formerly Known as J. Astro said...

This makes me wish I still played video games. :( I have a feeling I would be hopelessly addicted to it in about 3 minutes.