Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Infinite Playlist - Songs in the Key of Murder

Got a message on facebook asking me to check out a song, and if I liked it to do a post. Being that this kind of thing never happens to me, I of course wasted no time in listening to the song. It literally took less than 30 seconds for me to decide that it was awesome, and most certainly would be getting an Infinite Playlist post. Without further ado, experience MC Randumb and Jewish Dave...

As if that weren't badass enough, they also released a puzzle game, slightly similar to Tetris, in which you're tasked with placing severed body parts into graves without them overlapping. Believe me when I tell you I spent WAY too much time playing it today. You can check that out here.

For more info you can read all about MC Randumb and Jewish Dave below, and don't forget to give them a "like" over at their Facebook page.

MC Randumb & Jewish Dave is what happens when you take its two creator's favorite things: gangsta rap, horror & b-movies, heavy metal imagery, video-games, sex, fast food and dogs, mix them all with hot sauce and turn the volume up to 11. 

 Originally an offshoot of the popular Las Vegas comedy-rap group, The Polar Bear MCs aka The Killa Korpse Gangstaz, MC Randumb & Jewish Dave managed to outlive the full crew. Even when the 8 member team was still actively performing,the duo was already taking time to record separate songs & perform shows. Jewish Dave (David Rosen) was always the leader of the group, as he not only was a writer & performer, but also the music maker and producer. MC Randumb (Trent Fewkes) was easily the standout performer of the Polar Bear MCs, so it would make sense that the two would work so great together.

 Starting in early 2003, just months after Tha Polar Bear MCs first live show, MC Randumb & Jewish Dave became a fixture of the local music scene. Their wild, over the top stage show was loved for its originality that includes plenty of costumes,skits, potential nudity, and huge amounts of obscenity. They played all over the Las Vegas strip, as well as in local bars and on the UNLV campus. Often times instead of booking shows, the two would just show up in class rooms and dormitories to do an impromtu performance that garnered equal parts laughter and looks of confusion. One highlight that Jewish Dave’s mom particularly loved was when they were cut short in their performance at an all-black UNLV talent show because of their bad language and insistence on humping the on-stage trees. 

 Their first full length album, "Wasted Potential Part 2: Duh Mickztayp" was actually a compilation of their previous EPs and other newly completed songs, released just before Fewkes was set to move to New York for his career. While Rosen continued to work with other groups and artists, he still wanted to do more music with MC Randumb, and so they decided to start work on another album, "Songs In The Key Of Murder," via the Internet. They even managed to shoot a video for "Shut Your Mouth (Or You're Gonna Get Murdered)," the first single off the new album before the song was even recorded(they came up with the song title the day of the shoot during a visit to Las Vegas so they would have a reason to not have to lip synch anything in the video).

"Songs In The Key Of Murder" will be released on Christmas Day, 2011, after a year of recording online. The collection is actually a concept album in which every song is about murder and keeps the horror movie theme running throughout. Songs such as "Murder Motel," "Murder 4 Fun," and the second single, "Musta Been Murda," all have extremely ridiculous, hilarious, murderous lyrics over hardcore beats that would fit right into a gory slasher flick. The duo hopes to create more music videos for the songs on the album, as well as some planned interactive games to go along with the songs' themes. They are also hoping to plan some more shows the next time they're both in the same city(although they also haven't ruled out the possibility of performing over the Internet). For more info, contact David Rosen at 702-219-0610 or by e-mail at

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