Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Y: the Last Man Rising

If you aren't familiar with Brian K. Vauguan's wonderful Vertigo comic Y: the Last Man, SHAME on you. Go ahead and get up to speed here. Those of us who are familiar already know it was nothing short of amazing. Y is one of the greatest comics ever written, no doubt about it. I got passed along this little Y fan film today and had to share.

For a fan film, this is amazing. I am genuinely impressed. Some of the acting isn't great, the guy who plays Yorick is pretty bad, but overall I've seen way worse from actual movies with budgets and such. The one thing this short did manage to do is make me want to read the story again. I would love to see Y the Last Man turned into a television show. It could be every bit as good as The Walking Dead if it landed in the right hands. Enjoy the video!

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