Monday, July 23, 2012

True Romance... and SLATEROCALYPSE!

A while back I was asked if I'd be interested in partaking in a Christian Slater theme week over at my good friend Brobocop's blog, Back Online, Back On Duty. Of course I said yes, because I will ALWAYS say yes when asked to profess my love for Christian Slater. I also knew exactly which movie I wanted to do, but feared it would already be taken by the man himself. Luckily he had his own particular fondness of a different Slater movie, and I began my preparations for what I wanted to be my very own love letter to True Romance.

If you're visiting here based on that post, then welcome! Look around, enjoy your stay. If you visit here on any sort of a regular basis, then you already know that mediocrity is the rule. That's all well and good for when I'm posting things in my own little world here, but when somebody asks me to contribute to their site, I take it quite seriously, and the butterflies usually follow post-haste. In this particular case, I have to admit, it was worse than usual, not only because I was being handed the keys to a blog that I have a lot of respect and admiration for, but because when I heard about the other people that were being invited to participate, I worried that I would be the weakest link in the chain of awesome that would be Slaterocalypse.

It's for those reasons, and the fact that I truly love the movie, that when I went to do the write-up, I knew I was going to go all out on it, bring my proverbial "A-game" so to speak. It's a beast of a read, and I probably should look into hiring an editor of some kind, but one thing is for sure, you will believe me when I tell you I love True Romance. The post went up this morning over at Back Online, Back On Duty and can be read here for those inclined to do so. Even if you don't read my entry, be sure and check out all the Christian Slater love being thrown around. There are some talented writers with posts on deck, and I personally can't wait to read them all. Also be sure and check out all the kickass graphics not only in my post, but throughout Slaterocalypse, which were done by the supremely awesome Frank Browning. Big thanks to Frank for the True Romance graphics that are prettying up my post.

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Maynard Morrissey said...

fabulous review, Mitch!
Haven't seen it in a while, but I remember how much I loved it when I saw it back in the 90s.