Saturday, May 29, 2010

Movie Night

Since moving back to Valley, most Saturday nights have become movie nights in the Batcave. Sometimes I fly solo, but most times I watch with my movie sidekick, and fellow bad horror movie lover, Threels. Most of the time the choices are random, ranging from the likes of Gamer and 30 Days of Night on blu, to Homesick (which will go down in history as one of the greatest movie nights of all time).

That being said, everything changed a couple of weeks ago, we started noticing what simply couldn't be coincidental themes emerging. Not planned mind you, it was almost as if the Universe stepped in and demanded we start paying attention to these little occurrences. Case in point, themes from that particular night we picked up on included the word "inexplicably" and Max von Sydow. Don't ask, just trust me.

So with that, we decided that it might be fun to actually apply themes to movie nights. It could be something as simple as "bad horror" or something as specific as "horror-comedies starring Bruce Campbell as an elderly Elvis who lives in a nursing home which is being terrorized by an ancient mummy who sucks old people's souls out of their asses". Anyway, here lately I've been in werewolf mode, what with the excitement of the new Wolfman hitting dvd/blu on Tuesday, so guess what the first official themed movie night is going to be? That's right, after I put the kids to bed, movie night is going to get hairy! Ok that was admittedly pretty bad.

American Werewolf in London Full Moon Edition Blu - Nothing really needs to be said about this one. It's one of the greatest werewolf movies of all time, and pretty much anybody will tell you that. It also has the greatest transformation sequence of all time. I grabbed the Full Moon Edition blu last week but haven't watched it yet, so I'm looking forward to this one. Time permitting I'd also like to check out the "Beware the Moon" and "I walked with a Werewolf" featurettes as I understand they're both fantastic.

Bad Moon - FINALLY got around to grabbing this on dvd yesterday. It's been a while since I watched Bad Moon, although I really like it, the only copy I had was on vhs and I have a vcr....somewhere. Now I can watch whenever I want though! The absolute best part of this one is the practical effect work, especially the werewolf, which looks phenomenal. The absolute worst part is the almost comical CG tranformation sequence, though it's not really Bad Moon's fault as this movie came out when CG was still "learning how to walk" in the early 90's. Really, really excited about watching this one tonight, werewolf nostalgia ftw.

Depending on how these two go, I assure you I have no shortage of other Lycanthropic misadventures we could get ourselves into, and before you ask, none of them have the word "Twilight" anywhere in the title. I may scratch my Katharine Isabelle itch with some Ginger Snaps though...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A tale of modern consumerism....

MB (Mister Bones) - I'd like to see the NECA Friday the 13th replica Jason Voorhees mask please.

NECA (NECA) - Oh really?

MB - Yes.

NECA - Again?

MB - Yes.

*MB stares longingly for minutes, clearly in trance-like indecision*

NECA - Excuse me, Bones, can I put the replica back now please?

MB - Not today my good man, I'm feeling saucy....I think I'm gonna buy it...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen....

...Your 2010 Easter Conference Champions.....

the Philadelphia Flyers!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Zombie Ninja Pirate

I have a new t-shirt obsession, and it is called Tee Fury. Lately Woot! has been seriously lacking in the "awesome" department, however (and unfortunately for my bank account), Tee Fury has been more than taking up the slack for them.

Here's my latest grab, Zombie Ninja Pirate....

I simply had to have it because it mixes two of my most very favorite things, zombies and ninjas, with yet another thing that I just like a little bit, pirates. But when you mix all 3, the end result is awesome.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mister Bones' Top 5

The Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing, and I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I has the hockey fever. My Flyers are having their best season...well pretty much since I started watching hockey way back in the early 90's. Just 6 wins away from hoisting the cup! Anyway, as such I thought I'd do another hockey related Top 5, and I'm drawing inspiration from Barry Melrose's claim that the Chicago Blackhawks have the best logo/jersey in all of sports. As per usual, I disagree with Mr. Melrose, so here are my picks for the top 5 current NHL team logos.

Top 5 NHL Logos

5. Chicago Blackhawks - Barry's pick, and definitely a classic logo. This was also my first hockey jersey, so it hold some sentimental attachment for me. But why is this Indian so happy? He's a hockey player, he's not supposed to be happy.

4. San Jose Sharks - It's a shark biting a hockey stick in half. Nothing else needs to be said, other than I think I liked the original design just a little better.

3. Atlanta Thrashers - Call me biased if you want, but my "home" team sports one badass logo. I'm not entirely sure why the city of Atlanta always picks some sort of bird for their team mascots, but the Thrashers definitely have the best looking logo of the bunch. Plus, Thrash has dreads and that is awesome.

2. Nashville Predators - Another that just speaks for itself. Nashville loses a few points for calling their team the Predators and not having an actual Predator on their jerseys, but this is an almost acceptable substitute, so I can't be too mad at them.

1. Philadelphia Flyers - Go ahead, call me biased, but there isn't a logo in all of sports that gets me as hype as this one. It's classic, it's iconic, it's the logo that was on the jersey that Ron Hextall wore! Hands down the greatest logo in the NHL, and is tied only with certain university's "AU" logo as the best in sports.

Here are also a couple of my old faves, which for some reason aren't being used anymore, and have been replaced with much, much worse logos. The Buffalo Sabres jerseys from 96-06, the original Anaheim Ducks jerseys, and who could forget the Flames before they moved to Calgary from Atlanta.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Infinite Playlist - Apologize

It's not often that you can say these additions to Mister Bones' Infinite Playlist are anything more than just songs that I dig, they're hardly ever relevant to anything actually going on with me at the moment. This may be an exception.

Here's Silverstein's cover of "Apologize", enjoy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Naughty Bear

Blair Witch parody

Jaws/Friday the 13th parody

Friday, May 14, 2010

History in the Making

Tonight my Flyers have forced a game 7 in their Eastern Conference semi-final series with the Boston Bruins after overcoming a 3 games to none deficit. In the history of the NHL only two teams have ever come back from 3 down, and the most recent team to do it was the New York Islanders in 1975. To assume that I'll be anywhere tonight from 7pm until the horn sounds at the end of the third period other than in front of my television wearing a Flyers jersey is just silly.

The winner of tonight's game of course goes on to face the "Cinderella" Montreal Canadiens in the Eastern Conference finals for a chance to play for the Stanley Cup. Since I became a hockey enthusiast, the Flyers have been to the conference finals several times, but never to the big dance. This has been a crazy playoff season to say the least though, so hopefully we pull off the victory tonight and use the momentum to get past the Habs.

Of course then we'll be faced with having to beat either the San Jose Sharks and Nvgeni Nabokov, of the Chicago Blackhawks and Jonathan Toews, neither of which I'm extremely happy about. Guess i'm pulling for the 'Hawks, being that I have a jersey and a new friend who lives up that way and loves hockey, and I'd hate to get on her bad side already. So go 'Hawks! Here's to a Flyers/Blackhawks Stanley Cup Finals!


Random Screen Grab

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Boys night out!

Sorry ladies, tonight me and Jacob are flying solo. Gonna hit the theater, see Iron Man 2, then might swing by the mall, cruise for some chicks or something, maybe eat some hot wings. Who knows where the night will take two such highly reputable mischief makers such as ourselves?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Halo, how I've missed you....

After some expected technical difficulty on day one, I've finally gotten a chance to get a few rounds of the Halo Reach beta in. My initial reaction was "jetpacks, oh hell yes", and while the jetpacks are in fact pretty dope, unfortunately not everything is new, and the exact same retards who have been playing Halo multiplayer for years are most definitely playing Reach.

My first match was team slayer, and silly me assuming the controls hadn't changed, didn't do too well. I mean why would I think they would be the same? Maybe because they've been the fucking same since Combat Evolved way back in 2001? In any event, I spent most of the round attempting to buck the system and use the old controls whether Reach liked it or not. We lost. Bad.

My second match didn't go much better, and this is where your Halotards come in. This one was one flag ctf on Sword Base. As soon as the match started, the other 3 members of my team all turned their assault rifles on me, teabagged my corpse, and then dropped from the game, leaving me to respawn alone, against the entire opposing team. Most people would quit, but oh I'm WAY too hardheaded for that. So for the next 10-15 minutes, I was repeatedly killed by the four of them, and while I did manage to get in several kills of my own, I never captured the flag, though I did manage to actually grab and move it a couple times. After the first half of the game, instead of admiring my "never say die" style of gameplay, they decided that the appropriate course of action for a 4 vs 1 game was to take turns teabagging me after every death. After the match in the lobby I was of course bombarded with the usual "faggot" and "noob" comments. Halotards are classy if nothing else.

I've had some good rounds since these two though, got my controls back the way I like them, and I'm digging the armor abilities big time. I'm still excited about Reach, but I'm REALLY hoping for a return to my old Friday night Halo nights with friends instead of the all too frequent Halotard sessions. We'll see.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Soap Opera on Emo Street

So I saw the new "Nightmare" last night. Decided to give it a few hours before really commenting on it, thought it best to let the rage subside a little. Well here we are, a few hours later, and it's STILL bothering me. There is absolutely nothing good I have to say about this movie. Nothing. It was boring, lazily done, cliched, borrowed heavily from the original as well as other movies, had not ONE interesting or likable character, and overall was really just insulting not only to the original Nightmare but those of us who love it as well.

The cast was abysmal, including Haley. The teens were your standard fare, jocks/popular kids or the emo/artsy/non-conformist ipod listeners. There was not a single character that I had any interest in whatsoever, or even remotely gave a fuck about in the least. They were all incredibly stupid, they all did the whole "whisper for effect" thing when they talked, and none of them even had the decency to die in a cool way. I can't say for sure, but I even think one of the emo kids was a Twilight fag. He never went out in daylight, and thus never sparkled, and as I can't be bothered to actually go to imdb and check, all I'm left with is speculation.

The story is boring, the script is lazy and full of holes, and it seemed to me like every time this directionless mess needed a little something to wake up the audience it just borrowed something from the original. Nightmare sequences happened at any given moment, but lasted only about 10-15 seconds in most cases and absolutely nothing interesting happened. In one scene the emo kid even manages to have a nightmare while SWIMMING. He fell asleep SWIMMING.

Avoid this part if you don't want the "origin" of Freddy in this one spoiled for ya. For those still reading, did anybody else have as much of a problem with Freddy being a child molester in this one instead of a child murderer? I did, that bothered me big time. Not sure what it says about me, but that's how I felt about it. And forgive me, maybe I'm grossly uneducated on the subject, but do most preschools have gardeners living in the basement? I'm pretty sure the one my son attends doesn't have a creepy gardener living there. Maybe I should check into it.

To say this is the worst of the "re-imaginings" is an understatement. It's easily the worst of the bunch, which is disappointing on an astronomical level for me. Aside from Jason, Freddy has always been a personal favorite of mine. Those who know me, know this to be true. I love the series, I even liked Freddy vs Jason, and I was genuinely excited about this movie after enjoying, at least to some degree, the revamps of Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Jason. Way to drop the ball on Freddy you fuckers. Bottom line, I can't imagine how anybody who's ever seen the original could find anything to like here, and I swear I'd love to go "the ending of Jay and Bob Strike Back" on anybody on the internet who claims this one is superior.

I did see it with a fellow Elm Street enthusiast, and she didn't like it any better than I did, if nothing else I at least had fun trashing the entire movie with her. So the evening wasn't an entire waste. When I got home I put in my Blu-Ray of the real Nightmare on Elm Street just to make myself feel better. I recommend you not follow in my footsteps by seeing the new one first, and just skip to this last step. You'll thank me later.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010

Today is Free Comic Book Day 2010! Take your kids/spouse/sibling/parents/self out to the local comic shop for free comics. Don't know where your lcs is? Click on the Comic Shop Locator Service logo over there in the sidebar! FREE stuff is awesome, comics are awesome, so today is officially like the greatest day of the year.