Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Screen Grab

Giant Chicken Tracks...

The Attic....

Giant Invisible Attic Chicken!!! OH NOES!!!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2

Admittedly not a fan of the first Paranormal Activity, or Paranormal Craptivity as I've taken to calling it. I also refer to it as the following: "Completely Normal Activity", "Paranormal Non-activity", "I Wish Something Would Fucking Happen Activity", and of course "Invisible Attic Chicken Activity". Don't know what terrified the rest of you about it, but invisible chickens who slam doors and drag people out of bed just don't scare me. I wanted to like it, I really, really wanted it to be the next Blair Witch, but it disappointed me to no end.

 Despite my negative attitude toward the first, I still wanted to see the sequel for some reason. I guess maybe I was hoping that with a little more budget, this one might turn out a little better. Either that, or I was just looking for more ammunition to use in my mockery of the saga of the invisible attic chicken. Probably the latter. So does Paranormal Activity 2 deliver the scares? Yes and no.

This one starts off just as slow as the first one did. Kristi and her husband Daniel return home from the hospital with a newborn, and Kristi's sister Katie, who you may remember as the crazy bitch from the first one. Well things are burning along at a snail's pace, and at the 40 minute mark I began to wonder if the invisible chicken would even be making an appearance in this movie, as at that point all I'd seen was a bunch of video footage of people swimming and taking care of a baby. Oh, I think a pan fell in the kitchen or something, but that was it. True to form though, the chicken finally does start to stir up shit, and when he gets going this time, he really gets after it.

Paranormal Activity 2 throws more jump scares at you than the original did, there aren't just doors slamming. Don't want to spoil anything really, but just take my word for it, a couple of times even I jumped a little. The baby being the center of the chicken's attention made this one a little more unsettling for me, which I was kinda thankful for and I'm not entirely sure how I should be feeling about myself after admitting that. We also get a little more of the back story for the sisters who take center stage in these movies. It's a little hokey in my opinion, but then again they also want me to believe that the invisible chicken is actually a "demon". Yeah, because if I was a demon, I would probably do shit like slam doors, make pans fall, and drag people out of bed.

Was it as bad as the first one? Actually no. Paranormal Activity 2 managed to actually do a little more for me than just bore me to sleep. It takes a while to get going, but there's enough here to do some genuine creeping out, especially if you're bothered by the fact that most of the activity centers around a baby (like this guy). I hesitate to use the word "action" as even when the shit does hit the fan, there's not a whole lot going on really, but at least more happens here than just some standing and then sitting beside the bed. Will I ever watch it again? Probably not, I've only seen the original once too, but at least this time I don't feel like I completely wasted 90 minutes of my life. Overall, I guess if you liked the first one, you'll probably really like this one. And if you didn't like the first one, I'd recommend at least giving Paranormal Activity 2 a rent.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Battle of the Bands Finale!

Been here long enough, you've surely heard me talk about Solace Lost, band made up of a couple of friends of mine. In what will mark a shocking TWO weeks in a row, I'm heading out on a Saturday night, this time to see Solace play in the finals of the Georgia Battle of the Bands. If they win, they get some radio airplay and other cool shit, would be a big deal for them, so I'm hoping they will. At the very least, they'll have one idiot screaming and jumping up and down for them.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eric Powell Speaks Out!

Very special Friday evening edition of Bonestube, Eric Powell released this video today about the state of comics, and not only does it get him message across and make a good point, but it's freakin' hilarious! Mr. Powell is the writer/artist of such wonderful comic fare as The Goon, Chimichanga, and Billy the Kid's Old Time Oddities, all of which are awesome, he also has a Godzilla book coming out soon from IDW. Enjoy the vid.

Brains Soup

Been a while since any of the "T-shirt a day" sites got ahold of the old wallet, but on Wednesday this week, TeeFury finally put up something purchase worthy. My newest addition to the Skeletons in my Closet, Brains Soup!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ramen, Robots, and Red Sauce

Today I'm gonna highlight another artist that I've come across online recently, Drunketh of Ramen, Robots, and Red Sauce fame. He posts a lot of his art there, along with various other badassery in the form of horror, movie reviews, and Transformers.

I humbly asked for permission to post a few of my favorites here in a Wasting Paper post, and after narrowly ducking an axe swing directed at my head, I was given said permission. Seriously, how this guy isn't doing Metallica album cover art I will never know. Now if only there were some Batman, Jason, or I dunno, maybe Batman vs Jason in there somewhere....


Vampire Beavis

Skull Fucked

Plenty more of Drunketh's art can be found at the aforementioned Ramen, Robots, and Red Sauce which you can visit via the link above, or can always be found over there on your right in my blog roll. Big thanks for letting me use some here in the Batcave sir!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Face Off

Yeah, I still hate reality tv, including these damn competition shows, but what you might not realize is that practical effects is the field that I always wanted to get into from as far back as I can remember. I've always loved movie monsters, special effects, and the idea of someday making my own was a very real goal of mine until the harsh reality of real life bitch slapped me down out of the clouds after school. 

Tonight on SyFy though, a group of people with way more ambition than myself will compete against each other doing exactly what I wish I was doing for a living for a chance to get to do it for a living. Lucky bastards. But you can bet your ass I'll be watching, and you probably should too.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Isaac Clarke is Back!

It's been way too long since the original Dead Space was released and got my vote for game of the year in 2008, but today Isaac Clarke finally returns to dismember Necromorph ass and take names in Dead Space 2. It's actually Sunday evening as I type this, because I already know I won't have time for blogging after Tuesday this week.

Instead of boring you by going on and on about how much I love the Dead Space universe, comics, animated movies, games, etc., I'm just going to post some sick screenshots and a couple of videos, including the absolutely hilarious "Your Mom Hates Dead Space" ad.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Infinite Playlist - Felony

Title track here from the album currently getting the most play on my Zune. I discovered Emmure via a flyer for Asking Alexandria's current US tour which I hope to be attending. Looking forward to seeing these guys live, they remind me just a little of Limp Bizkit's first album, you know, the one before they sucked. Enjoy "Felony"...

Adding a little bonus to the usual Mister Bones' Infinite Playlist proceedings this time, here's a live video of them performing this song...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Screen Grab

A look at the original design for the Predator, before Stan Winston re-designed him into one of the most badass movie creatures of all time...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hockey Night in Atlanta

That's right kids, tonight I'm braving the mean, cold streets of Atlanta, Georgia to watch my beloved Atlanta Thrashers take on a team that I hate almost as bad as I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins and Alabama Crimson Tide, the collective douchebaggery known as the New York Rangers. I used to be indifferent to the Rangers, but then they let Sean Avery play hockey for them, and went on to sweep my Thrashers the one and only time we made the playoffs, thus cementing my hatred of them. So here's a gigantic FUCK YOU from the Batcave to the Rangers, and here are some pictures of Atlanta's "Blue Crew" Ice Girls for my Legion of Loyal Followers because I love you all so much.


And just to show my objectivity when it comes to any members of the opposite sex that may drop by, here are some hockey players for you ladies. Mister Bones has got your back!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Public Service Announcement from the Goon and Franky

On Superhero comics and the people who read them......

Here's a closer look at what Franky has to say.....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I can has Teenagers?

Basically because I couldn't come up with anything else for today, here's the original "I can has Teenagers?" that I did. Again, an idea I had one day at work, when I'm 100% certain I had other things that I should have been doing. You can check out the "super-deformed" one I did after this one here if you like.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughts on Splatterhouse

So the reviews from the gaming press for Splatterhouse were pretty much all over the place, eh? I saw everything from 2's to 7's. I was admittedly skeptical about putting down the money for it despite being pretty excited about playing before I read anything. came to my rescue right before Xmas when they put it on sale for $25.99 with free shipping, so I bit, and I'm glad I did.

Splatterhouse won't win any awards. The camera has a mind of it's own at times, there are platforming segments that will infuriate even the most patient gamer when the jump button and what Rick does on screen don't exactly coincide all that well, and almost the entire game is moving from one area to the next jamming on the X button leaving a trail of blood and severed limbs in your wake. The combat isn't all that deep, although there are upgrades, and some new moves and special attacks that you can unlock to mix things up a bit. Honestly though, just pounding X will get you through most of the game. In it's defense, Splatterhouse does attempt to keep from being too repetitive by throwing in some side scrolling rooms, ala the originals only with a pseudo 3D treatment. They're nothing spectacular, but they broke up the monotony and were pretty cool looking.

The story is as generic as they come, but I'm thinking that's more of a little homage to the original Splatterhouse games than anything else. There really isn't much more you need to add to it. Rick's girlfriend has been captured by an insane doctor who is going to sacrifice her in order to resurrect his long lost love. Rick's first encounter with the doctor and his minions leaves him disemboweled and bleeding out on the floor of his mansion, but just before he dies, the Terror Mask calls out to him. Once he puts it on, it transforms him into a hulking beast who will stop at nothing to save Jennifer, and the Terror Mask gets to feed on the blood of plenty of demons along the way.

I guess the best way to put it is, the amount of fun you have with Splatterhouse is directly dependent upon how much you like lots of blood and gore, boobs, and heavy metal music. If you really sit down and dissect it, this is the game that most of us would've made when we were 13 years old. Rick is this 'roided up mass of muscle with spikes and claws coming from everywhere, and he absolutely rips demons and other form of monsters in half throughout the game. You even get to tear one monster's spine out of his ass. Along the way you can collect hidden photographs of Jen, who is a bit of an exhibitionist it seems as she's at least partially nude in almost every one of them. The Terror Mask  is constantly making sarcastic little quips and frequently uses bad language. The first time I got killed in the game he says, "Did you get killed? Fuckin noob". Is it disgusting? Yep. Is it a tad juvenile? Yep. Did I love it? Yep. 

 I never took Splatterhouse too seriously, and thankfully neither did the creators. It was 8-10 hours of mindless, blood soaked fun. I can't really recommend anybody running out and paying $60 for it, but for $20 or so, there's some fun to be had and achievements to be unlocked.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Infinite Playlist - Sextape

Beautiful video for a beautiful song from the greatest band on Earth. Can't think of anything more to say. Enjoy Sextape from Deftones.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Black Swan

I'm no movie critic, we all know this. So any attempt at writing about Black Swan would just demonstrate my obvious lack of talent when it comes to writing a movie review. I don't want that, you don't want that, and the internet is already full of people with little to no talent who fancy themselves critics. Besides, there's nothing I could say about Black Swan that you haven't read elsewhere, or surmised for yourself if you've seen it.

Believe me though, it's everything you've read or heard. It's fantastic, Natalie Portman has never been more impressive, Mila Kunis turns in a breakout performance, and if the Academy ignores this one when it comes time to consider Best Picture, I'll lose all my faith in humanity. Do not miss this movie.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beast Pop!

If you frequent any of the wonderful daily t-shirt sites that I do, chances are you already own a shirt with the fine work of our first artist in the "Wasting Paper" revamp, Jared Moraitis. I personally own Zombama, and came very close to ordering We Belong Alive when it hit Fright Rags in October. I'm also currently dying a little on the inside every day that goes by without a Slave I Racer in my closet.

I emailed a while back asking for permission to share a few of my favorites here in the Batcave, and permission was granted on one condition, I have to say only nice things otherwise the Beast Pop gorilla will be sent to my house to pull my arms off. I immediately agreed to this condition because, really, who could have anything bad to say about these?


We Belong Alive

Slave I Racer

You can check out more wonderful art at Mr. Moraitis' blog over there in the blogroll, or just click here since I know you're too lazy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Guardian Project

In some sort of strange attempt at crossing over comics and hockey, the NHL has teamed with Stan Lee to create 30 new superheroes, or "Guardians" for the NHL All-Star Game this year. Based on fan voting, we will see a new Guardian unveiled every day this month until all 30 have been revealed. They will then do battle or something at the All-Star Game in February.

I'm going to post a few of my favorites from those that have been shown, but to be honest I'm not entirely blown away by any of the character designs so far, nor am I all that jazzed about the concept itself. And by the way, why the hell is the Devils Guardian a fucking horse?! Remember when Upper Deck had comic artists turn athletes into superheroes for that "Fanimation" trading card set? Yeah it wasn't really cool then, and it's not really cool now, although I do like the idea of the mascots being characters instead of actual players.

But if you're interested, you can go here to cast your vote for which Guardian will be next, despite the overall "meh" feeling I get from what I've seen so far, I gotta admit I want to see the rest of them. Particularly interested in my Atlanta Thrashers of course. In any event, no matter how lame The Guardian Project may end up being, at the very least I'm 100% sure it won't be any worse than Stan Lee's Sci-Fi reality series, "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" which I still have crippling nightmares about.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Being that I'm currently all wrapped up in all things Splatterhouse, imagine my surprise when I stopped by the wonderful Basement of Ghoulish Decadence only to find the following video, which I'm shamelessly re-posting here in the Batcave! This is pretty badass, especially the in-game music. I'm about *this* close to being finished with the game, and am planning on doing a post about it later this week. Worry not,  I'm not planning on turning the blog into "Tales from the Splatterhouse", but this video is too freakin' sweet not to share.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

National Champs Baby!

One more time until next season.....