Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Bust Two Years in the Making

Here are the pics of my Gentle Giant Halo 3 mini-bust I promised. They were solicited as "Master Chief" busts, but were available in green, red, or blue. In what has to be the stupidest move ever, the color you received was random. Basically you got whatever the hell Gentle Giant sent ya. Of course being that it's supposed to be Master Chief, I wanted green, and of course being that I wanted it, green isn't what I got. Blue was my second choice though, so I wasn't totally pissed, and had completely expected to find a shiny coat of red paint when I opened the box, so I was pleasantly surprised. Enough bitching about colors though, pics!

So here's everything unboxed. As you can see, it came with a ton of stuff. There are three ways you can set him up, with the assault rifle, plasma sword, or dual-wielding spikers.

First up, my least favorite set-up, with the plasma sword. It's one of my least favorite weapons in the game, but that's not exactly why I don't like this particular pose, it's the left hand. He looks like he's giving somebody directions, and just happens to also be holding a plasma sword. I doubt mine will be spending much time this way.

This is my second favorite pose, and the one from the picture in Previews when I ordered it. It's iconic and classic looking. A nice pose that I'll likely be using from time to time. Plus the assault rifle is a cool looking weapon, and one of my favorites.

And finally my favorite, dual-wielding the spikers. It's such a dynamic pose, the spikers look great and dual-wielding really makes him look badass. I'm fairly certain that this is the way mine will look most of the time.

And there ya go, the Gentle Giant Halo 3 mini-bust. I'm glad I ordered it, despite not getting the exact color I wanted. For Halo fans, there are much worse ways to spend $55. Being that I ordered it in June of 07, and it just now shipped, I don't know if I would ever buy from Gentle Giant again. I'm a whore for things like this though, so if GG were to offer up an Arbiter bust for order, I'd likely get one. Then I would count the days until September of 2011!

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