Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who's Watching the Watchmen?

Looks like Bones is. I've been one of the most out-spoken fanboy haters of this movie since it was announced, but my curiousity has officially gotten the best of me. I've heard nothing but praise for this movie from fans and non-fans alike, and truth be told, Snyder hasn't made a bad movie yet. Even the guys who come in the comic shop sing it's praises, some of whom are even bigger Watchmen fans than I am.

So after work today, it looks like I'm officially becoming a supporter. Heading out to pick up the 2 disc director's cut, complete with blue CGI penis and all. Still say the giant squid should be in it though. If Alan Moore says there's a giant fucking squid at the end, then there's a giant fucking squid at the end. Just sayin'.

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