Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic of the Week 7/22

This week's book have a distinctly 80's vibe to them for some reason. Hair metal meets horror in the Dethklok vs Goon one shot, Dark Horse gives us the second issue of their Aliens reboot, and our favorite hockey mask wearing mass murderer is up against Freddy and Ash again in the second issue of Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors. All of that is awesome, but they all fall just short of this week's pick, Green Lantern #44.

Comic of the Week

DC's epic Blackest Night event continues from last week's first issue. There's a lot to love here, despite what the rest of the internet may be telling you. Blackest Night #1 was awesome, believe it. Black Hand is resurrecting dead DC superheroes and villains, and he's coming after the GL Corps. Johns has been knocking Green Lantern out of the park since Rebirth, and Doug Mahnke is finally getting some well-deserved time in the spotlight. I've always said he was a criminally under-rated artist. So great start to what should be an awesome story, and fantastic art, I'm sorry but that's pretty much all I can ask for from a comic, don't know where all the hate is coming from. Marvel fanboys, no doubt. Solicit say:

"“Blackest Night” continues! As Hal Jordan and Barry Allen investigate a bizarre crime in Gotham City, they come face to face with one of their oldest allies – J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter! But their old friend is not there for reunions; he’s come for much more. Meanwhile, Sinestro seeks to rebuild his army and take his revenge on the being who would usurp it – Mongul!"

Honorable mentions this week to the aforementioned Dethklok vs Goon one shot, and Spidey reaches yet another milestone with Amazing Spider-man #600.

The Pull List
  • Aliens #2
  • Amazing Spider-man #600
  • Blackest Night Tales of the Corps #2
  • Dethklok vs The Goon one-shot
  • Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds #5
  • Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #2
  • Gotham City Sirens #2
  • Green Lantern #44
  • Halo Helljumper #1
  • Myspace Dark Horse Presents vol. 3
  • Outsiders #20
  • Wednesday Comics #3

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