Friday, July 24, 2009

Halo Legends

Announced at Comic Con, Halo anime is on the way. Video games are getting more and more integrated into Comic Con, not sure exactly why or how I feel about it, but doesn't this seem more like maybe something that could've been announced at E3? I mean I know it's an animated movie or whatever, and not a video game, but still. It ain't a comic either, and despite the atrocious Marvel series, Halo ain't really a comic property, it's a video game property that just happens to have a comic book adaptation. Semantics I suppose, ah well. Anyway you can read about Halo Legends just about anywhere, but I got the scoop from Newsarama.

If I'm being perfecty honest, it looks pretty "meh" to me, though I'm not a big anime fan in the first place. I'm sure I'll be buying this regardless as I'm a Halo whore, and hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised by solid animation coupled with a gripping and engaging plot complete with...AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Damn, I almost got all that out, oh well. Maybe it will be pretty at least. Anyway here's your teaser trailer:

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