Saturday, October 17, 2009

2009 Jack O Lanterns

So I picked today for my annual pumpkin carving and pizza Saturday Halloween tradition with the kids. I am by no means a professional pumpkin carver like my Uncle Violent J, but I always have fun with this. Previous years have produced two grim reaper pumpkins, a Batman one, a Gears of War one, and a Halo 3 logo one.

Jacob and Catie got to pick a pattern from one of my books first, and went with the following because and I quote "it looks like Joker" and well, I can't argue with logic like that. So with some help from daddy, here's what theirs ended up looking like:

I went without a pattern as per usual, but I knew what I wanted to do, and didn't expect to have much trouble with it. Unfortunately about half way through mine, I broke not just one, but both of my pumpking saw things and had to finish with a regular old kitchen knife. That coupled with the fact that it's not exactly easy to free hand a design on the surface of a pumpkin left mine just a tad "uneven" this year, but I still think it's pretty cool nonetheless.

So there ya go! The Bones family Jack O Lanterns for this year. The seeds are currently baking in the oven, and we're officially ready for the greatest holiday of the year. Hopefully we've done enough to keep our new little buddy Sam safely outside the door.....

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J. Astro said...

dude, uneven or not, that Voorhees one is tiiiight!