Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some Random Bonestube

Been a little busy this week, but wanted to drop by and post a couple vids that I've seen lately...

Growth Trailer

Solomon Kaine Trailer

Wolfman Trailer 2

The Expendables Trailer

The Crazies Trailer

I'm going on record now stating Wolfman will be the best film of 2010, and looks like it will quite possibly finally give another viable choice in the "greatest werewolf transformation sequence ever" argument which has been owned by American Werewolf in London and Howling for far too long.


J. Astro said...

GROWTH looks sorta awesome, kinda like a more serious version of SLITHER... the CRAZIES trailer is ok, but I dunno how into that I am for the long haul... and THE EXPENDABLES trailer seems, I dunno, goofier than I had expected...

Mister Bones said...

Yeah I'm really stoked for Growth and Wolfman, the others are kinda meh, but at least have me somewhat interested.

Out of the lot, I think only Wolfman is a sure theater view, the others I'll probably be waiting for DVD.

Brandon said...

Lots of good stuff in those trailers although the trailer for The Expendables looks cheap and long, like it was a fan project. I'll try and see Crazies if only for Timothy Olyphant.