Monday, October 26, 2009

Who Wants to Live Forever

Been a little let down by Woot! this week. I had high hopes for their Halloween t's, even the community voted upon derby has been disappointing, none of the designs I voted on scored very highly. Ah well, always the outcast, even amongst like-minded people.

I did however buy one shirt last week, titled "Who Wants to Live Forever" because it had the Universal Monsters on the front, and I have a soft spot in my heart for Universal Monsters. From the description on Woot! I think the image has something to do with the band Queen maybe, but Queen sucks so I haven't bothered to research further. The shirt has monsters, and therefore is awesome, and therefore will shortly be claiming a spot in my Closet of Awesome.


J. Astro said...

In case you care, 'Who Wants to Live Forever?' is in fact a Queen song (they play it during HIGHLANDER)... and of course the monsters are supposedly "immortal" in many respects themselves (especially Dracula, natch), and they are posed like the band-members of Queen from the infamous 'Bohemian Rhapsody' video... so it's workin' on a whole buncha different levels.

If you actually DID know all that general Queen stuff and just chose to ignore it, I now like a tool. Sorry. :)

Mister Bones said...

Haha, no I had no idea what the connection was, though now that you mention it I do remember seeing the Bohemian Rhapsody video before, so the pose makes sense.