Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mister Bones' Top 5

Just in case anybody still hasn't decided on what they want to be this weekend, I'm here to help with the 5 scariest Halloween costumes ever. Any one of these is guaranteed to make me scream like a little girl, and get you a door slammed in your face at my apartment.

Top 5 Scariest Halloween Costumes Ever

5. A humanoid creature with goat legs - I'm just going to let the picture speak for itself on this one *shudder*...

4. Airline tickets - yeah just try and get my ass on a plane....

3. A shark - just look at all those teeth!

2. A pregnant woman - those of us who have kids know, these are fucking SCARY.

1. A banjo playing mountain person - yeah this bad boy right here is not only guaranteed to get the door slammed in your face, but also send me running frantically in the other direction.

There ya go, scary shit, no? If anybody decides to use any of these, SEND PICS!

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