Monday, November 30, 2009

Bizarre stuff

Entered my December Previews order last week at the store. Thankfully November gave me a bit of a breather after the two statues and bust from October's order. Here's what I'm wasting my money on this time:

Batman Reborn series 1 - Batman: Two-Face figure

Have to have this version of Batman as portrayed by Harvey from Battle for the Cowl. It's absolutely insane looking and I love it.

Batman Reborn series 1 - Batman: Jason Todd figure

And Jason Todd as the no mercy, no bullshit Batman from Battle for the Cowl. I dig this look, sort of a mixture of Batman and Wild Dog and for that reason alone I must own this.

There are also two more figures from this set that I may or may not end up with, the new Azrael who I'm skipping simply because the new costume doesn't do a lot for me and I already have the greatest Azrael figure of all time anyway, and the new Batgirl, Stephanie Brown, who I'm not really interested in for two reasons, 1. I don't like Spoiler, and 2. she's no Batgirl.

Villains of the DCU Bizarro bust

I can hear you now, "but Bones don't you already have two Bizarro busts and a Superman the Animated Series Bizarro maquette?" Yes friend, I do. I'm also of the opinion that one can never have enough Bizarro in their life. Plus, to add even more certainty that I would be buying this, DC Direct went ahead and sculpted this particular Bizarro from Gary Frank's design, and if you base something on Gary's work then you best believe I will have it.

And that's December's order! There was also a Batman Black and White that I went back and forth with. Technically it's a very nice statue, Catwoman by Steve Rude, and if I were going to own a statue of Catwoman this would be the one, but I just can't get excited about it. Not the world's biggest Selina Kyle fan and all. But anyway, lots of great stuff on order, I'm ready to start getting some of it in. Bring it DC Direct!

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