Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cold Slither...maaaaaaan

A discussion with my brother today about Cobra's greatest plans for world conquest led to my picking Dreadnok super-group Cold Slither as the best ever. Here's the proof:

GI Joe always worked best for me prior to the movie, when times were simpler, and shit like Cold Slither could happen in any given episode. It's so endearingly stupid that it almost brings a tear to my eye. When I was a kid watching this stuff, I thought Cobra Commander was awesome, now 25 or so years later, I realize that I was totally right, just for all the wrong reasons. Cobra Commander is awesome because he is a grown man who leads a "ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world" and he actually believed shit like this make steps toward realizing that goal. God bless him.

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Brandon said...

That is awesome. AWESOME!