Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Random Bonestube

Clash of the Titans

Looks a little too "300 meets Lord of the Rings" for my taste, but it's gonna have Medusa and well, sometimes maybe that's enough. Plus I love the original, so I'll at least give this a watch.


I loved REC, as we all did, however I tend to find myself in the minority once again as one who didn't really care for Quarantine. In fact, I flat out thought it sucked. So I'm looking forward to REC 2, but not Quarantine 2, even though they will basically be the exact same movie only with English dialogue and different actors. Got it? Good. On a side note, I TOTALLY got Rick Roll'd looking for this trailer on Youtube. Damn kids! *shakes fist in air*

Kick Ass

Oh the things I have to say about this piece of shit. Anybody else read this comic? Well, read what's actually shipped of this over-hyped abomination? Yeah the movie is done filming, but THE FUCKING COMIC STILL HASN'T MANAGED TO SHIP 8 FUCKING ISSUES. The only good thing about the comic is the art by John Romita Jr. and even then he's good, not great. The tone of this trailer matches the tone of the comic about as well as a Cannibal Corpse song playing over an iCarly commercial would. I don't know if the movie itself just took a light-hearted tone instead of the over the top violence of the book, or if they're just going to see how many people they can end up shocking into a comatose state in the theater. Trust me, the Kick-Ass you see here, is NOT the Kick-Ass from the comic on which the movie is supposed to be based. And that comic? The one that Mark Millar praised as "the most important comic of all time" or whatever he called it? Yeah it sucks. And this movie looks like it's going to suck even more.

Apologies for the mini-rant, but there are just so many more film worthy comic properties out there that will never even be considered, that it just really bothers me when shit like this gets picked up based solely on the hype that the writer himself created before it ever shipped. Again, the fucking this isn't even over yet, and there's already a movie? Bullshit.

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