Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ok so don't tell anybody else this, but lately I've been dipping my toe in the Marvel pool a little again. It's the writers they keep pulling! I've been a Rick Remender fan since falling in love with Fear Agent, and when I read the synopsis for the next Punisher arc, I had to jump on board.

Frankencastle officially began in "Dark Reign: The List: The Punisher" which needs 7 or 8 more fucking colons in the title, but anyway. Osborn is tired of Frank being a thorn in his side so he sends ALL of fucking H.A.M.M.E.R. after him. ALL of them. For one guy. A regular guy. No powers. Nothing but regular guns and such.

So Frank manages to evade the first wave of HAMMER agents, ends up ducking down into the sewers where he runs into Dark Wolverine himself, Daken. And they throw DOWN son! Frank holds his own for a few panels, but eventually Daken gets in close enough and he absolutely slaughters Frank. He literally cuts him into pieces. Arms, legs, head, etc. all removed. It's fucking nasty. Then he kicks the bloody mess down into an alley.

That's pretty much where The List Punisher ends, there's a preview of Punisher #11 though in the back, which has HAMMER agents attempting to retrieve the pieces of the Punisher's body only to find that Mole Man's minions have beat him to it. While chasing the little yellow guys, they run into Man-Thing, and things go from bad to worse for HAMMER.

The arc begins Wednesday, with Rick Remender writing and the incomparable Tony Moore handling the art. Original Walking Dead, and Fear Agent artist Tony Moore. That lone is worth the cover price. Don't know if I'll stick with Punisher following Frankencastle, but damn it's going to be a fun arc, and I can't wait.

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