Sunday, July 4, 2010

Week 1

Started the week off on Sunday with a couple of old XBLA achievements. I played the trial of the new Duke Nukem game, and it was terrible, but it made me want to finish up Duke 3D, managed to get "Come Get Some" for finishing the Shrapnel City chapter. Moved on from there to Battlefield 1943, and finally 100% on this one now. The only achievement I needed was "Tour of Duty II" for playing 100 matches, and I knew I had to be pretty close as much as I've played this one. Turned out I was only 3 matches shy, so after about 45 mins, the achievement popped.

I spent the evening with Def Shepard and the crew of the Normandy 2.0 in Mass Effect 2. A trip to the Krogan homeworld would gain me the loyalty of the Professor and "The Cure" achievement, as well as the loyalty of the Krogan and "The Battlemaster" achievement. Along they way a Thresher Maw also lost it's life, and the "Big Game Hunter" achievement was mine.

Monday I took a trip to the museum in Liberty City and came away with the "Impossible Trinity" achievement. I also came away with an infuriating reminder as to why I only pick this game up and play it every couple of months for a day or two, and FUCK the "No way on the Subway" mission btw. I also slang a little yayo for my home Little Jacob, and for my troubles I was rewarded with the "Courier Service" achievement.

On Wednesday, I spent the first part of my morning battling the dastardly villains of Lego Gotham City. I've already played through and finished Lego Batman on my PS3, but Jacob has the 360 version, and I need some achievements, soooooo.... The kid and I teamed up and took down Clayface, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, and the Riddler, and along the way I picked up the "Hero", "Sidekick", "Master Builder" and "Unbreakable" achievements.

Wednesday evening rolled around, and I headed back out into the stars for some more Mass Effect 2. In a desperate attempt to gain the loyalty of the entire crew of the Normandy, I stopped an assassination, destroyed a facility that did biotic testing on children, and helped Garrus whack the motherfucker that double crossed him. In the process, I earned myself the "Cat's in the Cradle", "Catharsis", and "Fade Away" achievements respectively.

Friday night, time to save the galaxy and such again, Mass Effect 2 was the game of choice. Not much to report, scanning random planets got me the "Agent" achievement.

Saturday night closed out the first week, with Mass Effect 2 once again as the game of choice. I like that game, it's a really, really good one. Ahem, anyway, Def Shepard continued to build his team to go up against the Collectors by recruiting the Justicar and in the process earned me the "The Justicar" achievement.

So week one in the books, and I managed to gain quite a few achievements looking back. I was also playing Darksiders on PS3 this week, which explains my absence a couple days. I like that game too, it's ended up being much better than I thought it would be, and the fact that I'm basically watching moving Joe Madureira drawings is too cool. Here's the breakdown:

Beginning Gamerscore: 47,247
Finishing Gamerscore: 47,532

That's a gain of 285 points this week for those of you keeping score at home (which let's be honest, is all of you). Not a bad start, but I'm gonna have to step it up and spend a little less time on the PS3 if I'm going to hit 50k by the end of October.

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