Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Infinite Playlist - Who You Gonna Call?, Trashmouth

Recently came across a couple of good songs with AWESOME videos, one of which is from a band that's new to me, and the other from a band that isn't, but the video is. Got all that? Ok, good.

First up the band that's new to me, Dr. Acula. I'd heard of them, but with a name like that I had never bothered to check them out. However, every time I look up a band, it seems like somebody mentions these guys, so this past weekend I broke down and looked them up on youtube. Glad I did too, they're not the best band ever by any means, but they're definitely not the worst either, and this video for "Who you Gonna Call?" is fookin sick.

Next up, the band I was already familiar with, Vanna. Also found them on youtube a while back, and fell in love with their album A New Hope. Even if you don't like the song, stick around for the ZOMBIES! There's a whole lotta awesome here. Enjoy "Trashmouth"....

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