Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Movie Night - Movies I've Bought and Haven't Bothered to Watch Yet

I do this a lot, I'll see something I'm vaguely interested in watching on the cheap and just grab it instead of watching first. I blame Hastings and their selling used dvd's buy 2 get 1 or sometimes even buy 2 get 2. I'm helpless to resist. Sometimes I regret the purchase, looking at YOU Machete, and other times I'm pleasantly surprised. Tonight I'm going to play a little catch-up Bill Lumbergh style and watch a couple.

I suppose you could say I'm a Ryan Reynolds fan. I honestly think the dude is pretty funny, his delivery is overflowing with snark and sarcasm but what can I say, it makes me laugh. He's not as well known for serious roles, but from the few that I've seen him in, he's usually pretty good in those too. Tonight I'm finally going to give Buried a watch. My only hesitation with it was that I know the whole movie takes place inside a coffin he's been buried alive in, and that is enough to make me not want to watch as the idea of being buried alive freaks me the hell out. I've also read lots of reviews that state that the movie doesn't have a happy ending, which will likely bum me out, and I spend enough of my life bummed out already. Almost all of those reviews have been at least somewhat positive though, and that speaks volumes on the internet, so I'm hoping that I end up digging Buried, pun intended.

Following Buried, I will likely fall asleep watching Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. I may lose some horror nerd street cred here, but I honestly didn't love the first one. It was good, but not spectacular, and definitely not the second coming of Evil Dead. Still, it introduced me, and lots of other folks, to Eli Roth and for that I'm eternally grateful. This is another one that I likely would've dismissed completely, but according to the internets isn't a total waste of time. I'm gonna take your word for it internet, and hope that I'm not disappointed horribly.

Two is likely the most I'm going to be able to make it through on a work night, and as stated I likely won't even make it through Cabin Fever, unless of course it's totally awesome and I can't sleep without finishing it, which strangely enough the last movie that ended up doing that to me was Shutter Island which I also bought without viewing first but ended up really enjoying. I also have Inception on blu and The Social Network staring at me from the shelf waiting to be watched. Those are the kinds of movies I have to gear myself up for though, and make sure I won't have kids interrupting every 5 minutes, and that kind of evening is RARE around here. Still, I'll get around to it some day, just like I am tonight with these two.


Zombie said...

awww come on Machete wasn't that... okay so maybe it was a little cheesy. lol.

Mister Bones said...

I wanted desperately to love Machete, I love Robert Rodriguez, love Danny Trejo, and I loved every bit of Grindhouse. Dunno what went wrong, but I just didn't dig Machete.

Anonymous said...

I was an extra in Shutter Island, during the flash back where the nazis are gunned down in a line up.