Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mister Bones Top 5

Remember way back when we all were first discovering that website that allowed your Xbox 360 to write it's own blog? You know, the one we all signed up for and then nobody ever went to again? Well, I actually still go to mine, and pretty often too. I don't go for the stupid daily posts, as there seem to be somewhere in the ballpark of around 5 or 6 different ones and they just repeat, only with different games plugged in depending on what I played the day before. No, I still visit 360voice because over in the sidebar it keeps up with the games you've played and how many days you've played them. That may not sound like much to you, but dammit that shit is important to me for some reason.

Top 5 Xbox 360 Games by Days Played

5. Dead Rising - (61 Days) This game would rank considerably higher if this list were done by hours played. This is the most Sega-ish game I've ever played that wasn't done by Sega. Everybody already knows what this game is about, so I need go into no further detail as to why I love it so much. Still my favorite 360 game, and I will continue to defend it until my dying day.

4. Left 4 Dead - (64 Days) Valve's original zombie fps masterpiece. This is the ultimate pick up and play game for me, as I love shooters and I love zombies. There aren't many levels, but they're all fun which is a must considering you play through them over and over. The main draw here for me is the characters. I absolutely loved Bill, Zoe, Lewis, and especially Francis. The dialog is absolutely hilarious, with Francis being my favorite. "I'm feelin' pretty shitty...and a little woozy... Ugh... Well, the woozy's kinda fun."

3. Borderlands - (65 Days) Gotta love Claptrap! Borderlands came out of nowhere and grabbed me in it's steely grasp of awesome. Love the cel-shaded look, love the rpg elements and I looooove looting. Even through the mostly repetitive gameplay, Borderlands kept me coming back in the hopes that I'd reach that next level or find an assault rifle even more badass than the one I was currently carrying. This one also has been kept in fairly heavy rotation due to the bevy of downloadable content that I'm helpless to resist. Still looking for help with Crawmerax and MINAC by the way...

2. NHL 07 - (84 Days) Well documented here, hockey is my favorite sport. I worship it. For years I had also worshiped the NHL 2K series, but in 2007 that streak came to an end. This was the year that EA completely rebuilt their hockey game franchise, and added the dual analog control scheme that I love oh so much. I absolutely couldn't get enough of this game, as is evident from the amount of time I put into it.

1. Halo 3 - (207 Days) Nope, that is not a typo. According to the site I've played Halo 3 on 207 days. You can attribute that statistic to a couple of things, first my son and I are both Halo fanboys, and second I was into the multiplayer big time. I played it every day after work, we had game nights with a large group of friends every weekend, and I would even run with the general public if nobody else was online. It was easy to get a pretty big rooms going with friends, as this was the one game that pretty much everybody had. Seriously if you've never experienced Mosh Pit on Guardian or Halio Kart on Sandtrap with the Black Majik crew, then you've missed out on some of the most fun you can have in gaming. I didn't even mention the Grifball games either... Ah, memories.

So that's where I've spent my most time on my Xbox. Previous top 5 spots belonged to classics such as Chromehounds, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat, and Gears of War, which just recently dropped out thanks to Borderlands. Currently burning their way up the charts looking to leave their mark in the top 5 are contenders such as Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo Reach, and Dead Rising 2. Anybody else using 360 voice feel free to share your top 5!

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Drake Sigar said...

Bah, I’m a PC fanatic. I believe in the strength and purity of PC blood! Console users should be put to death, preferably in gas chambers.

Seriously though, my Xbox selection is limited, I bought little last year except for a couple of co-op games for my brothers like *groans* WWE Raw Vs Smackdown.