Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Night Drive-In

Oh fuck yes, it's Friday the 13th! The very first Friday the 13th since I began my Friday Night Drive-In posts, and I tell you in all honesty, I've been waiting for this shit. I knew exactly what I was posting for it too, the movie that made me not only love Jason, but horror movies period... Jason Lives.

I worship this movie. I love every single thing about it. I've compared every single horror movie I've seen since tot his one, and sure there have been contenders, but none have been able to dethrone the champ. This is movie-making at it's finest as far as I'm concerned. It's a Friday the 13th tradition in my Batcave, the ceremonial watching of a Jason flick, this year I've decided to once again revisit Jason Lives, because I'm just in the mood to watch it again. I highly recommend following my wonderful example and either pulling your dvd off the shelf, or watching the edited for tv version along with Joe Bob Briggs here in the Batcave. Happy Friday the 13th!

"So, what were you gonna be when you grew up?"

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The Artist Formerly Known as J. Astro said...

Best one ever, and super-double bonus points for putting on the Joe Bob hosted version. :D